4PCS Monocular Night Vision Device


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Warm Tips:

1. To turn on the device, please press and hold the power button for 3 seconds. If the unit doesn’t turn on after that, please check whether the polarity of the batteries is correct.

2. To turn on the night vision function, please simply press the IR+ button or increase the IR brightness level gradually, the image in the screen will turn black and white.

3. Keeping the IR on will also drain the battery. If battery power is insufficient, the IR brightness level will decrease automatically accordingly.

4. The night vision device doesn’t work through windows because IR beams will reflect.

5. Rotate the lens to manually focus the target to be clearer.

6. You can use them during the daytime too without any problems.

7. It is not recommended to use poor quality batteries for the Night Vision (Otherwise there will be various problems). Better batteries are recommended.


● Item name: Monocular Night vision
● Color: Black
● Still image size: 10 MP / 8 MP / 5 MP/3MP/VGA
● Video size: 1088×[email protected]/1280*[email protected]
● Aperture: F 1.2 f=25mm
● Lens: FOV=10°, aperture 24mm
● Display: Inner screen 1.5inch (240 x 240) high-definition TFT
● Digital zoom: 4x times
● Storage medium: TF card, maximum support 128 GB
● Observation distance in all black: 250-300 m
● Low light or daytime observation distance: 3 meters to unlimitedness
● Infrared light: 850 nm
Strong infrared spotlight, 7-speed infrared adjustment.
● USB interface: TYPE-C 2.0
● Power supply: 7.5V, 5 AA brand batteries(Batteries not included)
● Operating temperature: -20℃ to +60℃
● Storage temperature: -30℃ to +70℃.
● Product size: About 149 x 63 x 49 mm/6.49 x 3.34 x 2.95 inch

Selling Point:

● 100% Clearly Visible in the Dark – The Upgraded Night Vision Monocular Telescope features an 850nm infrared illuminator and a full optical system that allows you to see animals or plants clearly in 100% dark or dim ambient light. 3 modes: Take a photo, Record video (no sound), Playback, you can capture HD photos and videos with its excellent optical clarity during the day, in low light, or at night.

● The 3x fixed optical full multi-coated 25mm objective and 5x digital zoom easily adjust to the optimal focal length based on the actual observation distance zoom, providing a sharper view of detail and a better price/performance ratio. High-sensitivity CMOS sensor for Full HD images and videos (4032×2520 images and 1920×[email protected] video);

● 984 FT extra-long viewing angle – The built-in 850nm IR LED illuminator gives you a clear view of targets up to 984 FT away in complete darkness. 7 levels of adjustable IR brightness for optimal visibility at night. Adjust the higher the infrared, the sharper the image.

● Highly rugged quality and portability – The night vision monocular telescope is ergonomically designed to help you focus on your target quickly and accurately with one hand. The sturdy frame keeps the night vision goggles stable for long periods of time without slipping off your hands. Small and lightweight, can be easily put into the pocket, easy to carry;

● Supports up to 128GB SD cards – no more worrying about running out of storage! Be the perfect “friend” for exploring the darkness! It can be used for observation, reconnaissance, security surveillance, whether indoors or outdoors or just beware of intruders when camping.

4PCS Monocular Night Vision Device
4PCS Monocular Night Vision Device

Full HD 1080P Images & Videos

The night vision monoculars are perfect for both daytime and especially at nighttime, that can take photos and record videos. with excellent image intensifiers, and high-sensitivity imaging arrays that can achieve FHD images & videos (4032×2520 images & 1920×[email protected] video).

4PCS Monocular Night Vision Device

New Upgraded Night Vision Monocular

With fully multi-coated 25mm objective allows for a crystal-clear viewing, and the 3x optical Magnification and 5x digital zoom allows you to see even 984ft away, Track your subjects from any vantage point.

4PCS Monocular Night Vision Device

Excellent Night Vision Ability

features a new upgraded No-Glow infrared illuminator which allows you to view clearly the target in pitch dark without lights. The focus is smooth & precise making it simple to capture crisp photos & videos.

4PCS Monocular Night Vision Device

Compact and Portable

Build by ergonomic design that lightweight compact and easy to carry. The device fits right into the palms of your hand comfortably with a padded strap attached to assist for steady picture/video recording.

4PCS Monocular Night Vision Device

Standard Tripod Screw Slot

It has a standard tripod slot port on bottom that can fix the night vision device on the tripod. Allowing you to release your hands and get a more stable and easy observation view. (Please note the tripod NOT INCLUDED in our package)

4PCS Monocular Night Vision Device4PCS Monocular Night Vision Device4PCS Monocular Night Vision Device


Additional information



Objective Lens Diameter


Eyepiece diameter

Field of View

Full darkness 250-300m



Water Resistance Level




Model Number

Night Vision Monocular




approx 193g


6.49 x 3.34 x 2.95 inch

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4PCS Monocular Night Vision Device
4PCS Monocular Night Vision Device
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