CimFAX W5S Fax Server Fax2email V.34 Fax from PC to Fax Machines/Server/Client/Online Fax 400 Users 32GB storage


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What can CimFAX do

CimFAX Deployment

Sending a fax

Sending a fax by a fax machine takes 3 minutes.

  • “Print a computer file” >> “Get the printed paper.” >> “Walk to the fax machine” >> “Dial the number” >> “Wait for response” >> “Put paper in the fax machine” >> …

Sending a fax by CimFAX takes only 3 seconds.

  • “Choose a file in the computer” >> “Enter fax number” >> “Click send”(refer to the picture)

Receiving a fax

Getting a fax by a fax machine takes X minutes

  • “Faxes received at the front desk/reception desk.” >> “Manual distribution one by one” >> “Untimely distribution” >> “Re-track required”

Getting a fax by CimFAX takes only 1 second.

  • “Faxes received in a user’s computer.” >> “Pop-up window reminding faxes received.” (refer to the picture)

CimFAX Features


Ultimate Two-line Edition


    • Ultimate Two-line Edition is suitable for enterprises with multiple branches.


    • Functions and Features
    • Fax line: 2
    • Fax Speed: 33.6kbps
    • Caller Identification: DTMF, FSK
    • Fax resolution: 98/196 DPI
    • Auto answer: Voice prompt at sending and receiving
    • Custom sound scheme.
    • Multiple servers binding: local/distance
    • Digital signature and stamp password-protected.
    • Fax to email
    • Multiple users send and receive simultaneously.
    • Privacy secured
    • Domain Contact Function: N/A
    • Schedule fax broadcasting
    • Auto-Distribute and Forward


  • Specification
  • Storage Capacity: 32GB (about 640,000 pages)
  • Users Licensed: 400
  • Power Specification: 12VAC/DC
  • Maximum Power Consumption: 4W
  • Network Interface: RJ45×1 (10M/100M)
  • Fax Interface: RJ11×1
  • Ambient Temperature: 0 to 40 celcius degree
  • Ambient Humidity: 5% to 90%
  • Storage Temperature: -40 to 80 celcius degree
  • Dimension: 19cm×25cm×6cm
  • Weight: 1300g

Q & A

Q: IS CimFAX fax server a stand-alone device?
A: Yes. CimFAX fax server is a stand-alone fax device. As long as it is connected to LAN with 10/100M Ethernet, it will work as well as it should be, such as receiving fax, automatic queuing, scheduling faxing, fax to email.

Q: Is CimFAX able to fax paper note?
A: Yes. CimFAX supports scanning to send, which means, with a scanner at-premise, clicking “Scan” on CimFAX client screen can send a paper note out as fax. Multiple pages can be scanned at the same time and faxed to different recipients after scanning.

Q: Do I have to sign or stamp the fax on paper if I use CimFAX?
A: No, you don’t have to. CimFAX supports digital signature library which is under 128 bit encryption protection. You can creat signatures and stamps in it and add them on the fax to be sent.

Q: If I use CimFAX, what do I have to do when there is fax coming in?
A: There’s nothing you need to do except for click to view. CimFAX has IVR which will give the caller signal to send fax and notifies you with a pop-up window at the lower right corner of your desktop.

Q: How much wil I be charged if I use this server?
A: You’ll just have to pay the server for a certain price and fax communication which depends on your telecommunication provider.

Can I send and receive faxes when I am not in the office?
A: Yes. You can set CimFAX as the DMZ host of the router, to receive and send faxes while you are not in the office. Users with dynamic IP can access with dynamic DNS. If you just want to receive fax, you can use the feature fax to email.

What kind of documents can CimFAX send?
A: CimFAX can send most documents including Word, Excel, PDF and TIFF files.

Q: Can I export faxes in CimFAX?
A: Yes, you can export faxes as TIF, PNG, BMP, and JPG files.

Q: How to create digital signatures and stamps?
A: Sign or stamp on a clean paper and put it into the scanner. Click Create “Signature from Scanner” in CimFAX console. Digital signature is created.

Q: How to configure fax to email?
A: Please log in as administrator and set the default gateway of CimFAX as the Internet gateway in the current LAN (such as router address). After you entered the email service information, new faxes can be automatically send to your specified email address as attachments.

Additional information



Paper Free


Brand Name



Paperless Fax

Model Number




Applicable Line


Design Type



19 * 25 * 6cm


Fax Server

Transmission Speed


Warranty information

1-Year limited warranty



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CimFAX W5S Fax Server Fax2email V.34 Fax from PC to Fax Machines/Server/Client/Online Fax 400 Users 32GB storage
CimFAX W5S Fax Server Fax2email V.34 Fax from PC to Fax Machines/Server/Client/Online Fax 400 Users 32GB storage
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